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Posted by Kirk on December 18, 2009 at 1:10 PM

Bison Airlines (BIS) has recently purchased the first of it's fleet of aircraft and begun operations today. The Airline is owned by Frontline Investments Group and will be based out of Denver, Co (KDEN) for the foreseeable future. The airlines has already received delivery of Bombardier CRJ 700, Airbus A321, and Airbus A330 aircraft. All planes have been painted with a new eye catching livery that will no doubt turn heads at it's destination airports. While the company is just new and starting out, the CEO; "Papa" Hausser has all the confidence that is needed to make a young upstart airline successful.


When asked why Denver he responded promptly, "We decided on Denver International Airport as our base of operations fortwo fold reasons. The first being after doing some market research we found that DIA and the Colorado area has been a much neglected region of the country. There are minimal number of flights in and out that airport, so we are moving into a fairly secure market for our airlines.The second reason on Denver is the fact that DIA had ample space for us to move in and not be cramped like the new guy. We have room to grow and expand. Not only that but they have plenty of space for our fine fleet of aircraft."


I asked about the possibility of other airlines taking advantage of Bison's marketing in the Denver area. "We know that with our birth at Denver that other airlines will no doubt begin to take advantage of it. We are prepared for that. The one thing that will also benefit us in this regard is that the increased traffic will draw out more of the travelers who have been stuck with limited options. With Bison based out of Denver, we of course, will be able to pull in the largest share of the market."


The airlines will operate out of Denver to all major cities west of the Mississippi at first. Future expansion as new flight crews are added will stretch from coast to coast. We asked the CEO about the eastward expansion. "While it is something we have given thought to, we are not at a stage in our company where it is even a possibility. When we are ready for that we will look into a satellite hub on the east coast to feed and flights into Europe. That is a ways off yet and we don't want to think to big and fall down. We are taking a sensible approach to this."


The staff and employees of the company are a direct reflection of the good old fashioned western spirit. Never a sour face, and always cheerful and willing to help. This is universal from the ticket agents all the way to the flight crews and even ground crew personnel. With a western hospitality not seen much these days, it is a definite breath of fresh air to travel with Bison.


Rumors have even started to abound, already, that the Airlines upon receipt of any new aircraft have a Cheyenne medicine man brought in to perform a blessing ceremony, in the spirit of the Great Buffalo, prior to it's initial flight to guarantee good luck, fair weather and safe travels. Many say this ceremony can take several hours to accomplishand is always conducted behind closed hanger doors. This, of course, is just a rumor and has never been verified or confirmed by any staff of the Airline.


From the way things look, Bison Airlines is planning on staying around for quite a while. Strategic planning mixed with some sensible marketing and spending should help to ensure that this airline does not go the way of the North winds to soon. Without a doubt they are a whole new way to ride off into the setting sun.

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